Strip Poker Dice Game
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Strip Poker Dice Game


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Here are the Strip poker game dice

Rules of the game:
There are 6 dice. 5 of these have numbers and letters that represent the cards in a poker hand. The remaining dice tell you where to remove your clothes.

The action die is set aside and rolled after the winner has been determined.

For those who are familiar with poker, you can play by referring to the list below.

1. Five of a kind (AAAAA)    5. Three of a kind (AAAJK)

2. Four of a kind (KKKK)      6. Two pair (AAKKJ)

3. Full house (AAAKK)         7. One pair (AAKJJQ)

4. Straight (9,10, J, Q, K)     8. Ace high (A, Q, K, 9, J)