Realistic Extreme F**k Me Silly Mega Masturbator

Realistic Extreme F**k Me Silly Mega Masturbator


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Newly and fantastically redesigned with deeper, more lifelike orifices, along with an extra sturdy foam core that stands up to even the hardest pounding, the Extreme F**k Me Silly line presents dream toy created specifically for over-the-top male pleasure. 

Thanks to a very recent showcase on WorldStarHipHop, Pipedream's F**k Me Silly instructional video has gone completely viral, crashing several sites and inciting a mad rush to snag one of these premium pieces- signs point to the hype only gaining momentum!

Miles above the average in form, function and design, the F**k Me Silly, as mentioned, has been re-imagined and recreated to feature more penetrable pussy and ass canals. Instead of a single, shared interior, like many similar pussy and ass toys, this Pipedream piece features two completely separate, amazingly textured channels of about nine inches each. They curve around a sturdy foam core like a horizontal 'U' shape connecting only at the very back, making clean-up quick and easy, while maintaining tons of incredible suction. The opening at the back of the masturbator acts as a pressure valve, releasing air strategically and helping to prevent distracting noises..

However you choose to take advantage of this always-ready babe, the look and feel, like all Extreme offerings from Pipedream, absolutely defies logic in its mind-blowing realism. Supple, ultra soft, and incredibly lifelike, though with a satisfying firmness underneath, the F**k Me Silly feels so much like the real thing, you'll be able to get completely lost in the experience. Pipedream's signature Fanta Flesh material is completely revolutionary in both look and texture, the soft, supple skin is completely elastic, pliable and smack-able, retaining its shape while warming to the touch. The entire masturbator is made from this innovative material, aside from the foam core- another innovation that allows for a lighter, more mobile weight, though it means that the Big Black Ass needs to be kept out of the water. To clean, just run some warm water through either opening.

Always use a good water based lube with your F**k Me Silly, it will work well with the rubber based TPR material and keep things slick and slippery for maximum sensation. A sample is included, along with some toy cleaner. Total length is approximately 14 inches (35.56cm), width is 13 inches (33.02cm).