Bachelerette Party Super Fun Penis Candy
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Bachelerette Party Super Fun Penis Candy


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Now Super Fun Penis Candy comes in a larger size package!! WOO HOO!! Maybe now we should start calling it Super Duper Fun Penis Candy. Just in case there weren't quite enough little penises for you to chew on in the small package (which, let's be honest, there never were), now you can opt to get this large and satisfying bag of 100 penises! You might be thinking that the jump from packages of 5 to packages of 100 is a pretty big one. Well, most people were ordering a lot of the small packages anyways. It seems people just can't get enough of these crunchy fruit-flavored peckers. So we made it easier (and a better deal) to get them in the quantity you really want.

The new size of the package make these Super Fun Penis Candies more versatile than ever. You can leave these out in a candy dish at the Bachelorette Party, give them out as prizes, include them in gift bags, or just give them out to your party guests! Or you can fill a pinata, or make games that involve eating them. With this many little penises, there's plenty to go around!

Of course, they still come in all the same delicious fruity flavors as the smaller package. And although the package is bigger, the candies are still the same perfect size.